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Aug 11, 2018

RSS: A View To The Inside

Here is link to the interview by Barkha Dutt of the coauthor - Walter Andersen - of the above titled book about RSS. Andersen is professor of South Asia Studies, Johns Hopkins University, US.
The interview is significant in its conclusion:
RSS is changing by way of (a) being more inclusive as compared to what is was a decade ago, and (b) being more open to influencing the GOI policy decisions through (or due to positioning of) its sister organizations.
Anderson says, RSS wants Modi to be PM, but is not comfortable with Modi cult.. a person becoming bigger than the organization. This is however, not a Modi specific position but a general principle of RSS - individual is not (or should not be) bigger than the organization.
According to Anderson, RSS does not want to build Rama-janmabhumi Temple through legislation - that is, it does not want to bypass the Supreme Court. Ram Temple is essentially VHP agenda but RSS does not want VHP to be lead by people like Pravin Togadia. Yogi Adityanath is not an RSS man and RSS was rather surprised by his induction as a CM.
All in all, RSS is promoting a moderate and inclusive nationalism according to Andersen.