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May 16, 2014

2014 elections: AAP performance

(Edited Post of VJTI1977 blog 16 May 2014)

I was not surprised by AAP results, because none of the pre-poll surveys and exit polls that I knew were giving them double digit seats. I never believed that they will win any sizeable number of seats. Their job was to undercut Congress votes; and in my understanding, at some places, they did it splendidly.

We must remember, Jana Sangh formed in mid 50s and its avatar BJP
took almost 60 years to reach this stage. AAP will have to build up their organization painstakingly, persist with their efforts tenaciously, and replace the feudal and corrupt ways of Congress. They are nice people and deserve a chance, if not immediately at least in future. Their anti-corruption crusade and opposition to VIP culture is quite necessary today.