Feyman Lectures on Physics

Mar 27, 2014

A less popular (both within and outside India) but politically correct decision: India-abstains-from-voting-on-unhrc-resolution-against-sri-lanka
A thought provoking article: Fair-advocacy-as-a-right

Mar 22, 2014

MH370 flight used Boing 777-200ER. There is no point comparing its dimensions with the probable debris dimensions supposed to have been located in Indian Ocean 2500 km from Perth (Australia). However, for whatever worth here they are MH370 flight; Boing 777-200ER specs. (The approximate length dimensions of the two objects located by satellite are 24 m and 5 m)

Mar 15, 2014

AAP can emerge as a credible alternative to broad left front (Marxists, their allies, JD(U), and SP put together) because of its left-of-center "aam adami" profile.
Emphasis on R&D by way reinvestment of profits, better fiscal allocation in infrastructure, decentralization to reduce the load on few urban centers, better incentives to manufacturing sector, restoring the balance between the growth of software vis-a-vis hardware industries; reduce the size of gray market in hard ware (particularly semiconductor and IC components), reduce the election expenses, introduce moral education in the school curricula, proper auditing of educational institutions and religious trusts etc. could be some additional specifics. Tackling corruption will be the general agenda.

Mar 13, 2014

Latest about mystery Malaysian flight: My batch-mate and one of my very good friends Vinod Kolekar and his family (wife and son) was on this flight and hence my interest goes beyond mere curiosity and incredulity. Missing-malaysia-airlines-flight-370 
Case against Devayani dismissed
 nothing to brag about.

AIT debunked with new evidence

Some kind of migration theory - acculturation or non intrusive elite domination - may still hold good but should not offend sensibilities if Aryan is taken only as a linguistic group and not as a race.